Product Change Notification - Update (3)

01-09-2014 12:03

RRP - 1st September 2014

After receiving feedback from both retailers and customers.  There have been a number of technical changes that will be implemented from 1st September 2014.

1) The Anti - Tilt Bracket will be fitted to drawer base units only.

2) The Cut Out for the wires will be removed from all units with the exception of:

* Base Units: XD33, XD44, XH22, XH33 and XH44 units.

3) The SR shelves - are no longer reversible.  They will be fitted to hang as the picture in our technical specification.  We are able to offer the customer the option of a reverse hanging, please confirm this on your order.

4) The manufacture of the Desk Spacers have been altered.  A photograph of the new unit will be available as soon as possible.

5) The Wall Hung Units - are no longer reversible.  All units are manufactured with left hand side (LHS) door fitting.  If a customer would like a right hand side (RHS) door fitting, could you please specify this on your order.  

We at Beaver and Tapley endeavour to continue with our product improvements to be bring you a quality product range.